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Self-discovery is in full effect when it comes to my body of work, both in photography and sculpture. My addiction to the instant gratification of snapping an image gives great joy and helps me understand more about my environment, most of which are captured as I am in motion with my surroundings. Using various cameras, both analog and digital, I document moments, perspectives and situations with a keen sense of connection to time and place, paying special attention to subtle details and how those details play in the larger scene. Photography is in my DNA; fighting and pushing forward through my camera lens, to prove it exists.

My second obsession is sculpture with the material of choice being clay. Unsettling compositions of both raw and fired clay make up a large portion of my three dimensional works.

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Paula J Kelley

(954) 829-3229

b.Anderson South Carolina


1989-1990 // Visual Arts, College of Charleston, SC

1997-2008 // Apprentice and Assistant to Peter Giovenco, metal sculptor, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

2006-2008 // Full Circle Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, partners with Peter Giovenco showcasing and exhibiting local artists

2019 – Current // Apprentice to Lauren Shapiro, master ceramicist, Miami Florida



2019 // bs: a look @ bus stops in Miami-Dade, HistoryMiami Museum, July 9- September 18, Miami FL – photography, ephemera, bus stop models


2019 // Photography Project for The Dalmore Society

2018 // Photography Commission for Connor Harrington

2018 // Photography Commission for Private Collection, Dallas TX

2018 // Photography Commission for Rinaldi, Collins Park Hotel, Miami Beach FL

2018 // Photography Project for Rag & Bone, NYC – Miami Design District, Miami FL

2018 // Photography Commission for Solid, Brooklyn, New York, Sun Xun Project

2017 – 2018 // Photography Project for The Rinaldi Company, New York NY

2017 // Photography Project for Rag & Bone, NYC – Miami Design District, Miami FL

2017 // Photography Project for Goldman Global Arts, Wynwood, Miami FL

2017 // Exhibition – Until the Darkness Falls / Dreams My Mother Bequeathed, Large Scale Photography, Clay Sculptures, Print on Vellum – mixed media Installation, Alfred I. DuPont Building, Diorama Project, Miami FL

2017 // Exhibition – Post Card, Northwyn Studios, Miami FL

2017 // Exhibition – Visual Remix, Gallery 2612, Miami FL

2017 // Polaroids of Sun Xun project Miami Beach – Commissioned by MA3 Agency, New York, NY

2009 // Exhibition – Book Arts, Hilton Chicago, Chicago IL

2008 // Exhibition – Bad Art, Hilton Chicago, Chicago IL

1998 – Current // Ceramic and clay sculptures, paintings and photography commissions for private clients: Boca Raton FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Key West FL, NYC, Greenville SC, Miami FL, Santé Fe NM, Charlotte NC, Brooklyn NY, Berkeley CA, San Francisco CA, Asheville NC, Dallas TX